Do you want to be part of a collaborative retreat where you deliver your workshop, get paid and have fun while someone else sort out the details for you?

You might to be part of a collaborative retreat!

WTF is a Collaborative Retreat?

A collaborative retreat is a multi day event organised by me, Yo. I bring together a bunch of like minded practitioners to share thier gifts with women who want to achieve a specific outcome through attending a retreat.

I just happen to find event management really fun and have a mass of tech skills too.

Collaborative retreats are a lovely way to share your gifts, get paid and protect your energy at the same time.

Here’s the thing: I know you are a really amazing practitioner who gets results with your mass of skills, gifts and tools.

I also know how much of a grind that healers and energy transformation workers find being on tech and doing the marketing stuff.

Imagine if the whole event was organised and you could just swan in….

Do you have a whole retreat in you?

Maybe you need a Retreat Doula instead…

I bet you can run a cracker of a workshop

I bet you have run it successfully before and have the whole flow down pat.

Would you love to do this? Then let’s talk

Hi! I’m Yo 🙂

Why I love the south coast?

They say a picture tells a thousand words so feast your eyes on the deep, healing wilderness that we enjoy on the South Coast.

Who is Yo?

Here I am! 

You might know me from my business mentoring business. Yep – it’s me, Natasha Berta. Yo is my preferred name. Ask me about it some time. 

For the last 8 and a half years I’ve been helping heart-centred women grow their business, overcome tech hurdles and grow in confidence. 

Now it’s time for me to follow my heart and deliver my service in a slightly different way. 

how does this work?

our next event

I am currently building interest for a number of retreats including:

  • mothers and children
  • soulful business women visioning + wellness
  • couples retreats
  • mothers only retreats to avoid burnout
  • a reproductive grief and healing retreat
  • and many many more.

The best thing to do is get in touch for a chat so we can talk about your killer workshop, your cost and your availability.

Email me to get the ball rolling

I just pay you

You only need to organise your workshop materials and flow. I will pay you our agreed amount. You may decide to attend part or all of the retreat as your payment or you might just like straight cash. It’s negotiable. Let’s talk. 


I sort all of this out. You don’t need to worry about it at all unless you need something specific to augment your session. 

flyers and social media posts

You provide headshots, images and words and I’ll provide you with promotional materials and links to social media posts for you to share with your networks. All you have to do is click share and maybe chuck up a flyer somewhere. 

accomodation + venue

I sort all of this out and make sure your workshop fits in with the tone of the overall retreat and vice versa. We want you in a yummy state so your gifts can flow out freely. Generally, I’m looking for a divine, natural space. We can do budget or we can do glam. Let’s talk.

what does it cost?

My time doesn’t cost you anything. The retreat pays me and I pay you.
Good hey?

Wondering if this is for you?

We probably just need a chat.

If you’ve worked with me before then we can probably get cracking super easy. Just need to flesh out dates, ideas and preferences.

If we haven’t worked together before, we need to see if we are a fit.

You can check out my “Are we a fit?” page on my business website – that might give you the start of an idea.

If you resonate with that, then we can arrange a time to chat.

I can help you map out the next steps of your participation in a collaborative retreat  whether we move forward together or not. Usually people get clear on their ideas after talking them through with me.

In 2024, I’m working for the Wollongong University, so my time for calls is a bit limited. I don’t have a scheduler set up so please just email me: and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can to arrange a time for our call.

South Coast Women’s Retreat lovingly Acknowledges the custodians of the land where we conduct our retreats, raise and nurture our future generations and nourish ourselves.

We pay respect and honour the Elders past, present and emerging.

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